Monday, August 11, 2008

Buster goes to a show

I swore that I would never put my bus into a car show. But I did. It wasn’t anything big, just a community car show.

The problem is that for every five or ten people that think my bus is cool, there is some purist that thinks that altering this,
fairly rare, VW bus is a sacrilege. They love to say that if this bus was restored it would be worth x number of dollars. They just don’t get it. It’s not about dollars. It’s about the challenge of creating, figuring out how to do something and the absolute joy of driving around surprising people. It's all about being different.

I also seem to notice that most the ‘purists’ that are all upset about this bus look as if they wouldn't even have the money to restore a little red wagon, let alone a fifty year old VW bus.

To heck with them.

It was nice that I ended up parked next to a gorgeous, bright red Dodge Viper. Kinda made the bus look a little dumpy. If you are interested, the surfboard on top of the bus is a 1958 Velzey-Jabocs 'Pig'. It's 9' 9" long and weighs 40 pounds.


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