Monday, October 6, 2008

Whata Month

Wow, September went by pretty darn fast. I can't believe that it's been over a month since I wrote about Merry Mary, who by the way, is having a great time in Guatamala and I'm sure she is making all around her happy.

September is a big month for Shelley and Me. We both give up a bunch of our free time in support of the Boy Scouts here in San Diego. In particular we are part of a group that put on a Mountain Man Rendezvous for the Varsity Scouts. These are guys from 14-18. Here is a picture of our staff. See if you can spot Shelley and Me!
The boys that come to this weekend activity get to do a bunch of the things that Mountain Men did from 1820-1840. They shoot blackpowder guns, throw tomahawks and knives, shoot arrows, run, compete, eat too much, and have a heck of a good time. Here are a few more photos to give you the idea.

If you want to see the entire website on this activity go here:
This years photos and stuff will not be up for awhile, but you get the idea from last years website.

Why do we do this? Well it is fun. But I believe that we all need to give back to those organizations that have done a lot to make us who we are. Whether its a religion, professional organization or youth organization. Give back. The rewards are tremendous.

Lon, aka: The Booshway


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