Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bunch of new things

Well, if your reading this you must have found our new website. Honest, this took us a complete year to finish. I have found the perfect marketing plan: you decide to do some personal work, or create something new, or for heaven's sake, go on a vacation, and clients come out of he woodwork!

We have had a good busy year in the studio, so the website took much, much longer than we thought. Anyone want to give us feedback on the website have at it.

Other new things in my life would have to include my brand spanking new knee joint. I have finally joined the ranks of the bionic. I had the surgery on Feb. 29th (that will be an easy date to remember) and it is an expected six months recovery. Six months is not too long, when I realize that I broke this knee when I was fifteen years old and this is the fifth operation I have
had on it.
I have suffered, limped, cursed, complained for all these years. Now it feels better than I can ever remember. I actually can stand without pain. Of course, I can't predict the weather anymore.

One more new thing. I have finally got my 59 VW bus out of what was supposed to be a fire pit in our backyard, and got it on the road again. I put in a brand new engine, rebuilt the trans, rear end, put on disc brakes in the front and am working on the interior now. The engine is a GM 350 CI V8, putting out 330 horsepower. A little more than the original stock 30 horsepower motor. It's mounted in the middle of the bus, behind the front seats. I'll post some more photos next week.

Well, enough for now. I hope you liked the new website. If anyone wants pictures of my knee, just let me know.