Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Very Merry Mary

Those of you that have visited our studio this summer had the pleasure of meeting our Merry Mary. For the second year, she has worked for us during her summer off from college. There are just some people that make everything more fun than it really is or maybe even more fun than it should be.  Like working for me. 
Or scrubbing the studio floor:

Or painting a wall:

Or archiving hundreds of images:

Or, cleaning the ol' commode.

She would also gleefully, (yes, that is a word) jump into the middle of a set to blow the dust off of a large product:

Mary has chosen not to go back to school this fall at Brigham Young University. Instead, she is going to spend four months in Guatemala at the "Clara Fantasia" home for at risk children in Chimaltenango, Guatemala. HELP International sends volunteers there to provide the education, supplies, support and other essentials for the children and their estranged families. The ultimate goal is to reunite the children with their natural families after appropriate counseling with both the children and their parents. If that is not possible, then the orphanage seeks out responsible, married Guatemalan couples who are looking to adopt. 

For more information:

She will be missed. But we are proud of her decision to help others. But, who is going to scrub the floor?!? We look forward to hearing some great stories from Guatemala.

Here is a link to Merry Mary's blog, with exciting stories of life in an orphanage: