Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Outhouse II

Who would have thought that I could actually write a second entry on this blog about outhouses! But I am. This is different however. A friend of mine bought a ranch out in Ocatillo, which is in the high desert here in Southern Calif. One of the reasons he bought it was to let the Boy Scouts and young women from our church camp there anytime they wanted. Well, our scouts have enjoyed camping in this beautiful place many times. So I felt we owed Duane something in return. I asked him if we could do a service project for him. I was thinking maybe rake up brush, pick up trash, that kind of stuff. To our great pleasure, he asked if we would build an outhouse for the use of the people that come and camp. So we did. Here are a few pictures of our project. This was built from 'scratch'. I don't think you can buy an outhouse kit!