Friday, May 22, 2009

Getting Away

We have been really busy in the studio the past month. Not complaining. In these economic times, you don't want to be complaining about being busy. But, you do need to get away sometimes and clean out your brain and re-energize yourself.

For me, it's primitive camping. I was able to get away for six days and nights. Great fun. Primitive camping is camping with equipment that was used before 1840. Sleeping on the ground with just a couple blankets. Cooking over a fire and so forth. Of course, I had an ice chest full of good food, but it was always out of sight. Here are a few pictures of my camp and the area I was camping. (I was just to tired of shooting pictures to take too many on my vacation)

Besides camping, I was able to shoot all of my several blackpowder guns, shoot my primitive long bow and have some great conversation with friends around the campfires.


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