Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If The Red Shoe Fits...

When we have an open day in the studio we work on an on going project involving a pair of red shoes. Yesterday, was the first day we had in several weeks. (This is a good thing!). We sit down as a group and talk about ideas for the red shoes. This particular idea was Mary's so it seemed fitting that she become the tight rope model. (Merry Mary, is our intrepid studio 'Jill of all trades'.) It also helped that she is the only one out of the five of us that the shoes fit.

The steel cable is about three feet off of the floor. First we tried having her sit on a ladder and that didn't work. So we placed a painters board across two ladders and that worked well. She is sitting about 6' off the ground. We shot about three dozen photos until we got the one that we liked. This is the finished image:

So far we have shot seven photos with the red shoes. Our plan is to shoot twelve different versions. I will post more on this blog in a couple of weeks.


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