Monday, October 5, 2009


The Mountain Men of the fur trade era (1815-1840) are an important part of the history of our country. They also would gather together once a year for several weeks and trade their furs, buy supplies and have one heck of a party. Many of the things they did at these rendezvous' relate to fun things that the Boys Scouts can really get into.

Each year Shelley, myself and a strange group of people put on the Blackfoot Fort Mountain Man Rendezvous for older Boy Scouts in our local San Diego Council. Following are some images from that great event:

These boys have earned great skinning knives by being the 'Best Dressed' mountain men among the scouts.

There is a lot of competition and skills that take place. Above is a mountain man teaching the young men how to set traps.

Much of the competition is team building. Of course we don't tell the scouts that they are learning team building. This is a travois race. They have to lash together these poles and drag an injured member of their team around a course.

These scouts are competing in the popular hawk throwing. Hawks being short for tomahawk.

They have a fun relay race in canoes. The object is to get around a course without getting their 'powder' wet. Powder being gunpowder.

This year we had 53 units register. About 350 participants. We allow the adults to participate in most of the activities. This is a rare event when we have one adult for every two scouts that come.

It takes a bunch of dedicated adults to put this kind of an event on. These folks are a combination of scouters and mountain man reenactors. See if you can spot yours truly and Shelley.


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