Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lois and Lon on a vacation!!!

This year, Lois and I celebrated our 40th wedding anniversary on the 9th of September. We were very busy in our studio and decided to celebrate the occasion by taking a trip in October. After looking at many locations we decided that we would like to go to Jackson, Wyoming. We chose this for a couple of reasons. Both of us had visited Jackson when we were kids and had memories of those trips. We also had wanted to purchase a piece of artwork for our anniversary. Jackson, just happens to be the third largest art market in the US. So this is what we did. Here are some of our vacation pictures. They aren't real good, because, well, I was on vacation. So there.

Here we are in Yellowstone National Park. It snowed.

This is the famous Elk Antler Archway in the center of town. There is one on each corner of the city park.

This is the Elk Preserve. Each winter 7000 Elk will winter in this preserve. It was right across the road from the cabin we stayed in. We did see three elk there one morning.

Here is our very dirty car parked behind our 'cabin' just outside of Jackson.
This is what we saw when we walked out the front door of our 'cabin'. There is a creek at the bottom of the picture out of the frame.

Here are some pictures of the Grand Teton Mountain. Grand Teton is supposedly from the French meaning large breast. It figures the french would name a mountain range that.

"Under any light, the mountains are wondrous and sublime. Cold and pulseless must be the heart of him who can view such a scene with indifference"
Alfred Jacob Miller (artist) 1837

This guy was right on the side of the road. I got out and took his picture with a 'normal' lens and then realized that he was about the size of our car and decided to retreat and put my car between him and me.

This is something we don't see much in San Diego. Big clouds and a flat plain.
Enough of the photos. Lois and I are a strange pair. We enjoy each others company every day at work and always have a good time when we travel. This trip was great. We ended up purchasing a beautiful bronze of a mountain lion in a tree.


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