Monday, March 2, 2009

Detroit in February

I have always felt that it is important to give back to those institutions that have given so much to you as you travel the path of life. In my case, that is my photography profession (in particular the American Society of Media Photographers), the Boy Scouts and my Religion.

I have served ASMP in many capacities over the years; in the local chapter leadership, including three years as president. Also, seven years on the National Board of Directors and my favorite, coordinating  several nationwide meetings. I thought I had sorta retired from service when a call came asking me to chair a committee to put on a national leadership conference in Detroit in FEBRUARY! What the heck, why not? So, with a good co-chair from Seattle, we put together a two day meeting with speakers, breakout sessions, one huge slide show and all the stuff that goes into it. The meeting had about 105 people in attendance. It was a great success in many ways. For me, it was a chance to do something for an organization that has done a lot of good stuff for me and my business over the years. Oh yeah, it was a ton of fun. 

Here is a sampling of what it looked like. 

This is the logo that my son designed for us: