Thursday, May 19, 2011

Going Away, Far Away

It's hard to keep focused week after week, month after month, and keep that creative drive. So sometimes you need to go away, far, far away. In my case, I like to go back to about 1830. That's far enough.

I like to primitive camp. This is where everything you use, within reason, is correct for 1830. The big 'cheat' is the ice chest in the tent covered in canvas. Come on, you have to have a cold drink now and then! My choice is A & W Root Beer served in a handmade copper tankard.

Here are a few pictures from my seven days and six nights of primitive camping this month.

Ol' Lon cooking on the fire. It's nice sometimes to have no hair on your hands! In the background is my 10'x10' canvas tent. I sleep on the ground inside the tent with a pile of wool blankets. Good sleeping.

The single pole holding up my pyramid tent. It also serves to hold my stuff. My powder horn, shooting bag, quiver full of arrows, my hat with skunk tail and a buckskin coat with coyote cape.

This was the guy camping near me. An 18' diameter teepee.

My hat sitting on my camp box.

Friends and neighbors.

I am back to work. My brain feels rested and I'm enjoying shooting in the studio. However, as fun as shooting stuff in the studio is, it's not quite as good as shooting my 62 Cal. black powder flintlock rifle. Booooom!