Thursday, February 2, 2012

20 Years of Digital

Hard to believe that it has been 20 years since we purchased our first medium format digital back. I honestly think that we were the first independent photo studio in San Diego to 'go digital'

Our first digital back was a Leaf DCBII. It cost us $60,000.
But for that money we also got an Apple Quadra 840 computer!
The camera back actually had a black and white chip. In order to take a color photo you made three exposures and that big wheel on the front put a Red, Green, then a Blue filter in front of the lens. You always had to do a little tweaking to get the three images perfectly in registration. The chip was 4mp. My I-Phone is now 8mp. By the time you combined the three images you had a 12mp image.

That was a long time ago. Our first paying job with this camera was a small toy Ferrari car for an ad agency. The only reason they let us shoot digital is that they needed an image right away and didn't have time for us to shoot film and process it.

We are now on our 8th medium format digital back. It is a Leaf again, but this time we have ten times the mega pixels of the first camera. We use it mounted to a small view camera in order to have perspective and focus control while shooting products. Products being what we shoot.
You may ask what happened to the previous seven digital backs. Two were used as trade in's for new backs and five were donated to two different college level schools.

So, here is just a few of the shots this latest camera has allowed us to do this past year:


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Beautiful work Lon!


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