Friday, January 24, 2014

No, I don't shoot bikini babes!

When you own your own business, you are contantley marketing yourself. I use every opportunity I can to tell people that I am a professional photographer. Then, I am usually asked, "do you shoot bikini babes"? Or worse. I reply that I am an advertising photographer specializing in products. "Bikinis are products" I answer that yes, they are, but I primarily shoot electronics and auto parts. "Auto parts! That sound absolutely boring."

Well, I don't think auto parts are boring. When you are shooting them for advertising it's like shooting large pieces of jewelry.
These are oil rings for pistons. 

Sometimes the part looks like a land cruiser from a space movie.
This is a brake caliper. 

Or a very bad dream about a waterfall from hell. 
Another piston ring with oil pouring over it. This image took an entire day to shoot.

I don't know what this will remind you of. 
This is a coil spring for your car's suspension. 

And sometimes we shoot parts for other moving machines.
The point is, parts can be sexy also. And they don't talk back. And yes, I have and will shoot pretty women in bikinis or wearing anything else they choose. But auto parts are a lot of fun.


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